Legacy to Challenger Bank in a Snap

It was a pleasure to meet Arcady Lapiro, CEO and Founder of Agora Services. He is a financial services veteran with many decades of experience and a deep understanding of technology and business.

He understands that getting the right core banking infrastructure is essential to building an agile, digital financial services business, and a new generation of players are unbundling every imaginable component of core banking and digitizing it, increasingly building on the cloud and designing it with an API first, modular mindset.

He founded Agora Services, a modern next-generation core platform. With a single API, Agora can build a legacy bank it first digital dream product around BNPL/KYC/KYB/ledgering/card issuance/lending/FX/crypto/rewards components and much more.

To learn more about Agora and its offerings, click on the video below: